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Welcome to our site.

As a long time collector of Thomas Kinkade Calendars, I thought it would be great to prepare a website featuring these calendars and their paintings. Each year we will search for the best deals on Thomas Kinkade calendars and bring them to you.

If possible we will try and identify the paintings featured for each item. If you see a mistake or would like to add information that you have identified please post a comment for the appropriate calendar.

We are not affiliated with Thomas Kinkade or responsible for any of the retailers who sell his products.

7 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Linda Porter says:

    I am a retailer in Idaho who until last year could find calendars to retail from Amcal and they do not carry anymore. Where can I find to purchase wholesale. Thank you
    Linda Porter

  2. Ruth Elijah says:

    Dear sir,
    A few years ago I received a wooden Thomas Kinkade calendar holder and a calendar. Last year I received another calendar but it didn’t fit as well. This year I received another calendar and it fits even worse. They are smaller than the holder. Is there only certain calendars that fit the wooden holder? Or is this holder becoming obsolete? Your correspondence is requested.
    Ruth Elijah

  3. Gayle Astore says:

    I am hoping the memory book you have is a day/by/day and month by
    month. Could you please let me know or call me at 406 443 3547
    as I would like to order one.
    Gayle Astore

  4. Linda Wiles says:

    I have been searching for the hard cover Memory Keeper 2012; there doesn’t seem to be one for this year.
    I have two previous years editions and have found them to be a wonderful ‘keepsake’ for treasured memories.
    I hope you can help me.

    Linda Wiles

  5. DIANE WAGNER says:

    I’m looking for 2012 calender made specifically for the wood frame holder.
    Can you tell me which calendar would work?

  6. Steve says:

    Nice website. Can you tell me what year the first Thomas Kinkade Wall Calendar was published? I know the Cottages & Country Places calendars exist for 1992 and 1993. Were they the first ones?

  7. james lehane says:

    I can’t locate a 2013 Thomas Kindade pocket planner anywhere I have looked. Do you know if there was one released for 2013?

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